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Betting on the big game? How the odds are against you.

February 02, 2022 Hartford HealthCare PodCast
More Life
Betting on the big game? How the odds are against you.
Show Notes

A lucky online sports bettor from Connecticut recently made national news by turning a $20 bet into $579,000 after guessing exact final scores of last Sunday’s NFL championship games. Key word: Lucky.

Betting on sports is nothing new, but legalized online sports betting is new to Connecticut and we're being bombarded with ads tempting us with all sorts of winning scenarios. These once-in-a-lifetime wins are fun to dream about, online bettors have more than money at stake - their odds of developing an unhealthy habit are pretty good.

In this episode, Hartford HealthCare’s Steve Coats welcomes Dr. J. Craig Allen Vice President of Addiction Services at Hartford HealthCare’s Behavioral Health Network, and Laura Zappieri, an addiction and substance abuse counselor in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

They discuss some of the pitfalls of online sports betting and how the normalization of gambling, especially for young minds, could be putting us at real risk.

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