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Keith Grant: Serving our nation and our communities

November 04, 2022 Hartford HealthCare PodCast
More Life
Keith Grant: Serving our nation and our communities
Show Notes

Veteran's Day is Friday, November 11. In this episode, we celebrate those who have and who currently serve and the special skill set they bring to their civilian roles. Hartford HealthCare’s Steve Coates talks with Keith Grant, APRN, vice president of operations for the Hartford Region and United States Air Force reservist.

Keith also served as Hartford HeathCare’s senior system director of infection prevention throughout the pandemic. Once COVID-19 hit Connecticut, Keith became one of the trusted voices and faces that would update the state regularly through the crisis. His expertise and leadership skills helped both his colleagues and the general public navigate through very uncertain times.

Check this episode’s links to learn more about Keith Grant, COVID 19 vaccines and resources and Hartford HealthCare’s partnership with Jamaica.

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