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Not One More: A trauma surgeon's story

June 30, 2022 Hartford HealthCare PodCast
More Life
Not One More: A trauma surgeon's story
Show Notes

This important episode is a must-share and could save a life this holiday weekend – or at any time of the year. Hartford HealthCare’s Steve Coates talks with Dr. Jonathan Gates, chief of trauma at Hartford Hospital.

Dr. Gates gives us a rare perspective from behind-the-scenes of a Level 1 trauma center. He also shares some of the chaos and seamless coordination he experienced during the Boston Marathon bombings and the Haitian earthquake in 2010.

Closer to home, Dr. Gates and Hartford HealthCare have joined forces with the Connecticut Department of Transportation for “Not One More” – a campaign designed to prevent the trauma that can result from impaired driving due to alcohol and drugs. He sees the devastating effects every day. It’s an undeniable problem that peaks during the July 4th holiday.

He is asking for Connecticut drivers to pledge that they won’t have that one additional drink or smoke that will put them and others at risk. His story is a compelling one.
 Please, explore and share the links in this episode’s notes to “Not One More” with the ones you love. There are some impressive videos and resources there that are guaranteed to make us all think twice about “Not One More.”
 Videos, TV spots, resources and more:
Will you sign the pledge? Visit

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