More Life

Happy Mother's Day: Let's start at the beginning...

May 06, 2022 Hartford HealthCare PodCast
More Life
Happy Mother's Day: Let's start at the beginning...
Show Notes

In this special Mother's Day edition of More Life, we are joined by Hartford Hospital's Jennifer Dowe, patient education manager for Women's Health Services, and Mary Marshall-Crimm, a family nurse practitioner, lactation consultant and the manager of the lactation program at the hospital.

They help to take us through the amazing journey of becoming a mom, from prenatal education to labor and delivery, breastfeeding, taking baby home - and beyond.

Jen and Mary describe some of the amazing resources now available to expectant and new parents including support groups, virtual classes and social media connections.

Be sure to explore some of the great programs and pages discussed in this episode:

HH Special Deliveries Childbirth Center (Facebook) – Open to the public

HHC Breastfeeding support group (Facebook) – Private group

Fourth Trimester and Postpartum Wellness class - Open to the public

Hartford HealthCare Parent Education classes - Open to the public

Webinar: What New Grandparents Should Know - Open to the public

Register for the weekly Breastfeeding Support Group HERE

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Call the Hartford Hospital Lactation Center to schedule a phone consultation; virtual consultation or in person consultation: 860.972.2428

Call the Hispanic Health Council for follow up by a peer counselor: 860.527.0856

More breastbeeding resources: